FORREST LENNARD APPLEBY was my grandfather. I never knew him, but my father, FORREST LENNARD APPLEBY, JR., recounted three things about him. He was very smart, he was very kind, and he was a gentleman who always wore a good-looking white shirt.

I remember Dad telling me that he considered the white shirt to be the quintessential foundation of any outfit…The “blank canvas” from which you begin to tell your own sartorial story.

Left: Forrest Lennard Appleby Right: Forrest Lennard Appleby, Jr.

I began FORREST LENNARD, in part, as a tribute to these two fine family members who came before me.

FORREST LENNARD has become a passion. Our White Sport Shirts form the basis of a distinctive and timeless look, one that endures a sense of style, no matter what the occasion.

Today, we make the finest White Sport Shirts available.

We use our exclusive 100% cotton “Honeycomb” weave fabric for its’ softness and drape. Natural Trocas shell buttons, instead of plastic. We incorporate a split and mitered yoke, to follow the natural slope of the shoulders, an eight-button front placket, and two-button sleeve cuff detail.

Our shirts are cut and sewn using the care and design reminiscent of shirt-making in the 1950’s and 60’s… when details mattered.

They are not meant to be Dress shirts, however, they can be worn with a casual sport coat, or even a tie, if the time is right!


No-one in the world makes this shirt.